Panagia (Greek: Παναγία, All-holy), also Panayia or Panaghia, is one of the titles of Mary, the mother of Jesus, used especially in Orthodox Christianity. Panagia in shape of an icon of Mary, usually made of silver or gold, is worn by Bishop's as a symbol of their dignity.

An Engolpion or Enkolpion(Greek: εγκόλπιον, "on the chest") is a general term for something worn upon the bosom [1]. Formerly also including pectoral crosses, Engolpion is nowadays used for a medallion with an icon in the center, worn as a vestment by an Orthodox bishop. All bishops wear a particular kind of engolpion called a Panagia, which depicts the Theotokos. All primates and some bishops below primatial rank have the dignity of a second engolpion, which usually depicts Jesus.