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Filigree workshop for the manufacturing of precious metal artifacts and jewelry "Pokimitza Filigree" in Kraljevo, Serbia manufactures religious artifacts, utilizing the silver filigree technique based on the best tradition of Serbian silversmiths from Prizren. All items are unique, handmade, and controlled by the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of the Republic of Serbia and Hallmarking Agency of the Republic of Serbia.

With each article, we provide a Certificate of Authenticity and upon your request decorative Presentation Box. We also Restore and Conserve old ecclesiastical and church artifacts.

Our lapidary work is based exclusively on natural materials including mother-of-pearl, freshwater, and natural pearls, corals, semi-precious stones and jewels. You may find our Posts regarding this topic interesting.


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Commission & Ordering

You are welcome to commission your desired article by phone

Since our products are unique, one-of-a-kind and completely handmade, you can make arrangements regarding the appearance, in direct contact with master silversmith Goran Ristovic Pokimica.

Please bear in mind that it is impossible, due to the manual production method, to foresee the exact weight of the item in advance, but we will be more than happy to make an estimate of the price depending on your requests.Upon your approval by email, we will send you the estimate and the quotation, which you will be requested to pay in advance.

After completion of the product, you will be notified about the exact weight in grams and the final price. Prior to delivery, you will be requested to pay for the possible price difference and shipping costs.

Delivery and Payment

Local Payments


Payments from abroad

Call us so that we can send you payment instructions. We will soon introduce the possibility of online payment by credit and payment cards.


For orders from the country, you can make payment by payment to a dinar giro account at "Reiffeisen" bank or by purchasing a package that we deliver by courier service within 24 hours of the creation of the item.

For orders from abroad, the workshop is obliged to obtain a permit from the "Republican Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments" as well as from the "Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia" because these are products that are classified as works of art of special importance, in order to obtain the appropriate permit for export.

The procedure usually takes 3-6 days and increases the cost of delivery by about 5,000.00 din. The cost of delivery abroad is charged according to the freight forwarder's tariff.

We recommend that you contact us and find out about the total cost of shipping abroad.
You can pay from abroad with the "Western Union" payment service, by sending a certified check, or by making a payment to a foreign currency account at "Reiffeisen" bank.


On your request, we deliver the items in presentation box which is charged additionally.


The original Certificate of Authenticity was hand-made on real leather parchment by Serbian famous calligrapher Svetozar Pajic Dijak from Novi Sad. The front page bears the title "CERTIFICATE" with a decorative initial C. Second page includes columns with a basic description of the work, its weight, silver purity, decorative stones, and year of manufacturing with the signature of the Author. The third page has a decorative flag with the logo of Pokimitza Filigree Workshop chased on copper plate with the declaration in old Serbian style. All our articles bear a reproduction of this original printed in full color with a signature.

"I confirm the above with my signature:"

and then there are columns related to the name, silver fineness, weight, embedded stones, year of manufacture and the master's signature with basic data. On the third page, below the decorative flag in the center of which there is a hand-stamped logo of the craftsman on a copper sheet, the text of the solemn declaration follows:

"In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, I, the servant of God Goran Ristović, born in the city of Kraljevo near the Holy Lavra of the Žiče Monastery, from my father Dragaš from the noble family of Pokimica at the foot of Ras in the land of Serbia, forged this work by hand from the finest silver melted seven times, using the art of making filigree in the spirit of the old Serbian tradition of Prizren silversmiths, simple year 7516, the year of the Lord since the birth of Christ in 2008, and I am asking you, fathers and brothers, to whom this laboriously forged work of mine reaches, receive it with love and if you find somewhere complaint or mistake, don't blame me and don't reprimand me, but bless me so that God and his most holy Mother forgive you too. AMEN"

All our products bear a special logo as a guarantee of the original product of "Pokimitza Filigree Workshop".



The products published in the catalog, are protected by patents of the Republic of Serbia. Persons and organizations breaking the exclusive copyright, according to the patent law of the Republic of Serbia, bear civil, legal, or criminal responsibility depending on the damage infringed.

Publishing of any part of this site, including text, pictures, or other material is prohibited without the written consent of the Author.


Filigree and jewelry workshop for the manufacturing of artifacts from precious metals "Filigran Pokimica" Kraljevo - Serbiaworks with the blessing of H.P. Mr. Mr. Chrysostom, Bishop of Žica and with the authorization and blessing of H.P. Mr. Mr. John, Bishop of ŠumadijaFiligree workshop for manufacturing of precious metal artifacts and jewelry "Pokimitza Filigree" Kraljevo, Serbia

operates under blessing of
His Grace Late Bishop Hrisostomos, Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Zica

His Grace John (Mladenovic), Bishop of Sumadia, Serbian Orthodox Church.


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Have a Question?

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